One to One Human Beatboxing – Beginners Course

$ 12,000





Human Beatboxing – Beginners Course

  1. Course package includes:
  2. 1 hour one-on-one tutor (online)
  3. downloadable materials for practice after the class from the tutor.
  4. Certificate of completing the course

Fundamentals that you would be able learn:

  1. The Fundamental Sounds in Beatboxing
  2. Sound Effects such as “Vocal Scratch’ and ‘Throat Bass’
  3. How to beatbox in your personal style
  4. How to compose a beatbox song
  5. Singing and beatboxing

Our tutor:

Martin has been many years of public performance experience and teaching experience.

People who are applicable for this course:

  • Anyone interested in learning the human beatboxing (Beginners grade) – Performers who want to learn a new skill


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