All 16 teams of YEAH Asia League 2019 Bangkok Grand Final has officially released! – Now let the tournament more exciting!…

Congratulatins~~Thanks everyone who join the online qualifiers, what an incredible race!

So here now all 16 PUBGM league showed up in our vote too! Guess which league can be the YEAH Asia League Champion!!!

YEAH Asia League Grand Final will host on 30th March in Thailand E-Sports Arena (The Street Ratchada), so please come to watch the show and support your league!!

Public voting begins now. The voting period closes on 30th March 2019 (12:00)!

How to cast a vote:

1) Create an account in – the login is required for the voting system.

2) You can find all vote page in Yesports website here – this is where you can cast your vote.

3) Click on the “Vote 20YP” button on your favorite PUBGM League.

4) Any votes will transfer your YesPoints to your favorite team.

5) Everyone can vote multiple teams but limited by your own YesPoints.

6) We will draw out 3 users who vote the champion league. Those users can get the 1 pc of “Nexum – AQUA Mirco Audio Amplifier” by sponsor!!

7) Draw result will release in the comment on this blog and contact by email

Let’s share with your friends and vote for your favorite league!


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  1. 【Congrats】

    Result here:

    3 of you please remember to check your email~

    Don’t give up if you are not the lucky one!

    Keep your eyes on our page!

    More prizes JUST FOR YOU!!
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