EX.ULT VIDEOTAINMENT presents a mod of the Pico-8 version of Celeste that replaces Madeline with everybody’s favorite hungry pink blob! Instead of dashing and wall-jumping, you’ll run, flap, float, and inhale your way up the mountain. A spring breeze is blowing flower petals across the slopes. Collect optional Maximum Tomatoes, just for fun. We made minimal edits to Celeste’s level designs to allow for 100% completion.


  • Arrow Keys: Walk, Fly, and Crouch
  • Z: Jump / Flap
  • X: Inhale / Exhale

If you’ve played Celeste, you know that part of its story is about overcoming anxiety and realizing that anybody, with enough determination and the right tools, can climb the mountain. The scene with the feather and the breathing exercise is so memorable! Madeline’s journey to work with herself, rather than against herself, has meant a lot to us. The generous Assist Mode shows us there’s no wrong way to make it, and that it’s cool to play games in whatever way you like.

This mod asks and answers the question: what if a friendly pink balloon with shoes climbed Celeste Mountain?

Source: https://exult.itch.io/ingeste